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Derek’s Confession

It’s a secret code, a club within a club. To reveal yourself, you casually ask, “How do you cheat?” Cheeseburgers? Tuna roll? Bacon?

Me? There’s nothing better than oysters on the half-shell. Okay, more than “a couple,” a round dozen, a squeeze of lemon and a squirt of spicy, garlicky Sriracha on each. Hemingway preferred white wine with these slippery beauties. I inhale them alongside a Manhattan; Knob Creek Rye with a splash of cherry juice completes this not-so-guilty pleasure. I’m a bad vegetarian.

Oh, come on; don’t look at me like that. There’s more than just me out there.



*Author’s Note: This is a 100 word story. This piece was inspired by their prompt as well as a friend’s, um, so-called confession. So, I’ve categorized it under both poetry and prose, because while it is prose, it could be interpreted as a prose poem too.


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